Call From a Coast

call from a coast poster v.5.0The beautiful underwater, wildlife and human photography in this film, remind us why we love the north coast. Director Twyla Roscovich

The syndicated TV fishing show “Nice Fish” with Gary Cooper aired “Call from a Coast”January 28th, 2006. If you sign the declaration and give contact info, we will email you details before the next planned TV airing. Or see below, to order the film.

Please order this film and pass it on to others; it is a pleasure to watch, as well as a call to action. [This page is from 2006-- In 2008 the BC government announced a moratorium on north coast fish farms. Thanks in part to Twyla's film we won and kept our coast fishfarm free]


“Call from a Coast” is a short documentary that looks at the proposed introduction of salmon farms into the Skeena estuary. It shows the issues as seen through the eyes of stakeholders in Prince Rupert and outlying First Nations villages. The local filmmaker, Twyla Roscovich, went south for dramatic footage in the Broughton.

LOCAL “STARS” : Matthew Hill, Tim Jones, Sharon Oskey, Norm Ostrom, Herb Pond, Jim Robertson, and the late Frank Wesley.

ALERT BAY “STARS”: Billy Proctor, Alexandra Morton and Brian Wadhams

Twyla’s last film “Rainwolves” was shown on Discovery Channel and nominated for three 2004 Leo awards including best documentary and best cinematography.

Call from a Coast was produced by Twyla’s many months of work. The Prince Rupert Environmental Society is helping her distribute the film. We hope to cover costs, raise funds for our Save our Skeena Salmon campaign and to give Twyla a modest honorarium/”royalty”.

We would like to thank her for her generous contribution. Her main concern, like ours, is to protect our wild salmon.

To order copies of Call from a Coast

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We want as many showings, public and private, as possible in coastal communites and in the Skeena watershed region. We are charging admission by donation, and licensing community showings by donation.

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Contact Save our Skeena Salmon campaign by calling Jean 250 624 2603 or email Luanne Roth

Or contact Friends of Wild Salmon who are helping to distribute the film.

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