Skeena Estuary

Prince Rupert's backyard; the Skeena Estuary.

                                 Prince Rupert’s backyard- the inner Skeena Estuary.

The Prince Rupert Environmental Society has identified these main issues:

•         Salmon farms- won!  A moratorium is in place for the northcoast

•         Oil Tankers – Fight is on! Pressure to lift northcoast oil tanker moratorium for:

-oil by rail terminal in Skeena Estuary (Prince Rupert Harbour)
-Enbridge oil tankers passing from Kitimat
-oil refinery and tankers from Lax Kw’alaams or elsewhere in northcoast
- “natural gas” pipeline to Rupert or Lax Kw’alaams to switch to oil

•         Skeena Estuary- Fight is building momentum! Petronas/PNW LNG not welcome on Lelu Island alongside Flora Bank.