No Oil Tankers

There Will be a Spill

greatblueheronWhy does anyone support the Enbridge Northern Gateway Project to pipe toxic bitumen from the Alberta Tarsands and ship it out by supertanker from Kitimat or Prince Rupert at the Skeena’s mouth?

It is not true that: “There Won’t be a Spill”

Don’t believe that Double Hulls will protect BC’s coast from a supertanker oil spill. They actually contribute to corrosion.

If there won’t be spill here why have there been so many oil spills elsewhere? Here is a list of the largest spill each year in liters, ’95 to 2003:

  • 1995 5,880,000 Sea Prince
  • 1996 84,400,000 Sea Empress
  • 1997 29,800,000 Evoikos
  • 1998 1,100,000 Maritza Sayalero
  • 1999 33,000,000 Erika
  • 2000 8,230,000 Natuna Sea
  • 2001 12,800,000 Ife
  • 2002 82,000,000 Prestige
  • 2003 35,200,000 Tasman Spirit

There is a glut of supertankers in the world today, forcing charter fees to drop so low they barely cover fuel in some cases. Imagine the pressure on tanker operators to cut corners.

It is not true that:”Native Opposition shouldn’t hold up the project”

First of all, it is the majority of BC residents who are opposed to oil tankers in the northcoast- we stand together!

Secondly, First Nations in northern BC have a right to protect their environment and marine resources

To understand read The Salmon Recipes.  To understand why the Gitga’at organized a two thousand person rally in Prince Rupert watch Oil on our Coast which was produced with Hartley Bay & the Gitga’at Nation. View this short film about the Enbridge proposal by our good friend, Twyla Roscovich.

It is not true that”Tar Sands Expansion is good for the Canadian Economy”

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty :

“[The high Canadian dollar] has knocked the wind out of Ontario exporters and manufacturing in particular… So if I had my preferences as to whether we had a rapidly growing oil and gas sector in the West or a lower dollar, I’ll tell you where I stand: with the lower dollar.”

To understand what McGuinty was talking about read this article by Calgary-based business journalist and Governor General’s Award-winning author Andrew Nikiforuk

It won’t help if: “The Government will put in Marine Parks when they Approve Supertankers”

When one thinks about it, this argument doesn’t make sense, but it really works.

When people are busy and not concentrating, they think “Well that’s okay then”

To see an example of how this argument is being funded and promoted click here.

It is not true that: “The Oceans are already Depleted and Polluted”

Visit our under water slide show to see how much life there is in the crystal clean water.

Seaweed is collected from the Banks and Dundas Island shores, dried and eaten, without a thought or worry about pollution; it is so flawless and perfect.

Our wild salmon runs are in the tens of millions, fluctuating near historic highs.

We worry about some weak runs and the effect fishfarms seem to be having on the south coast runs with sudden unexplained huge losses and diseases, but let’s not leave Canadians with the impression it’s a losing battle. Our salmon runs are phenomenal.

Humpback whales and sea lions have made a comeback. One can run by boat for miles in Hecate Strait and Dixon Entrance along feeding humpbacks and see their spouts stretching into the distance in both directions. There are now many sea lion haulouts; barren outcroppings exposed to the open ocean which from a distance have a strange orange-brown hue and unlike other craggy wave crashed rocks look soft. Close-up they are literally covered with sea lions.