2013 Bountiful Pink Salmon Harvest

2013 Near Record or Record Year for Pink Salmon in BC.

Prince Rupert cannery workers processing some of the millions of pink salmon harvested in BC in 2013. They are preparing Canada’s winter food supply.

When we are fighting against Enbridge tankers (or fishfarms) it is good to remember what we are fighting for. The cannery in Prince Rupert is just hopping with the 2013 bumper pink salmon harvest.

By August 22nd, 2013 the north coast fishing fleet had caught 7 million fish. The Fraser River run, was still to come, and forecast to be high too; in the last decade the pink odd year returns there, have numbered about 10 to 20 million fish annually. The BC coast produces enough pink salmon to sustainably fill our rivers with spawners and grocery store shelves around the world with cans.

We are supposed to get about 3.5 grams of Omega-3 oil each week. A single 213 gm can of Premium Wild Pacific Pink Salmon has 4 grams!

Pink salmon have it all. With some fish there are concerns with contaminant levels so people have to balance the risk to the benefit, but pink salmon eat low on the food chain and are only two years old, so they haven’t bio-accumulated much and have very low levels.

All this for only 3-5 dollars (in BC) and it is delicious right off the fork out of the can.