Anger Island “fishfarm site”

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Anger Island proposed site – approved Jul’04, but not built as of 2012. WHEN WE WON OUR MORATORIUM THE PLANS WERE PUT ON HOLD!

The Anger Island area is one of the richest on the coast. First Nations elders report that sockeye salmon smolts from Union Passage and Lowell Inlet outmigrate up and rear in this area. There was a valuable drag fishery on this run which was important to local First Nations Band members and though it has been shut down for awhile the runs are building back. The elders say the Skeena salmon smolts outmigrate and rear in this area.

There are also three important local salmon streams within a few kilometres of the site. Just these streams alone would be the envy of European or eastern Canadian salmon lovers as they have thousands of wild fish returning to themeach year to spawn.

It is very rich here because it is at the confluence of Petrel Channel and Principe Channel and some of the fresh water of the Skeena River runs all the way down Petrel Channel.

One rockfish fisherman reported that the largest daily catch he had ever had was at Anger Island. There is lots of eel grass and Kelp in the area. The president of the underwater commercial divers association said many of his group were so impressed with the beauty and richness of the area that they were considering recommending it for a marine park.