Photography and Art Credits

CAC5AF0P_0This site uses images by the following gracious photographers and artists:

Roy Henry Vickers

Roy Vickers is an west coast artist who has given us permission to use his work, Pink Salmon Drum; as our logo. Roy has this to say about salmon:

Wild salmon have been the lifeblood of first nations people in northern British Columbia for thousands of years. The Skeena river and it’s tributaries reach deep into the interior of and affect the Tsimshian, Gitksan, Nishga, Haida, and Wet’suwet’en people. Wild salmon have been the main resource from the sea, supporting commercial fishing, canneries, sports fishing, and most important to us, the subsistence fishery. Without wild salmon stocks all animals in the northern region will be affected. Without wild salmon stocks our forest and ocean life will die.”

For more of Roy’s work, visit his website:

Keith Douglas

Keith Douglas has given us permission to use many of his works, throughout our website. We used the one below on our billboard. His site can be found at

Sharon and Al Oskey

We thank supporters, Sharon and Al Oskey, for givng us the photo record they made while processing their wild salmon. You can enjoy “Preparing the Winter Food Supply” in the Take Action section.

Twyla Roscovich

Some of the pictures on this site are taken from Twyla’s film, Call from a Coast. Check out her site for updates from the Broughton.