Why Us?


We live here.

Save Our Skeena Salmon started as the Prince Rupert Environmental Society’s campaign to keep open net salmon farms out of the approaches to the Skeena River.

Many many people and groups worked together to protect our salmon from fishfarms. For Example:

  • thousands signed our petition
  • Lax Kw’alaams band council wrote letters, passed motions…
  • The Chatham Sound Charter Boat Association spoke up at Prince Rupert City Council
  • Commercial fishermen have been writing letters to the editor
  • Liberals have been lobbying their members and NDP theirs.
  • Environmentalists have been handing out information, and…..
  • The owners of Babine Norlakes Lodge sent letters out to their clients
  • The Steelhead Society of BC helped us put up our billboard

Join with us. Together we make stuff happen.

Now we face a far more powerful threat than fishfarms- the oil industry and their supertankers.

We are working hard to protect wild salmon in our region; to bring together coastal and upriver groups, influential Steelhead angling clients, First Nations organizations, local sports fishermen, tourism businesses and many many others. Now more than ever before we need your help to spread the word outside the region, to all of BC and across Canada:

“This timeless never ending treasure of wild salmon is everyone’s to cherish.”

Talk to your friends. Help us find ways to spread the word to ordinary people everywhere; mothers who want to make sure they have canned salmon for their kids lunches, Toronto office workers who dream of a kayak trip on Haida Gwaii (formerly Queen Charlottes), Alberta sports fishermen who haul their boats over the Rockies to load up with salmon in Prince Rupert….

Spreading the word about the threat supertankers pose is crucial. Become a member (it is only $5.00 — see our donation page and mention membership at the end or go to Contact and write us.) We use the many contacts we are making to keep up the pressure.

Send a letter. to the Prime Minister.

Tell him about our millions of wild salmon. Tell him pipelines are dangerous. Tell him one supertanker could ruin a vast area on par with the Gulf spill. Tell him the earth doesn’t have an endless supply of treasures like our Skeena, it’s estuary and coastal and Haida Gwaii waters.

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